WP Webapp Plugin Launched!

One click plugin turns your WordPress website into a mobile web app!

We are proud to announce the launching of WP Webapp! In an ever evolving technological world mobile devices are being used at a rapidly increasing rate to browse and view websites. WP Webapp addresses this trend by drastically enhancing users mobile browsing experience. First and foremost it prompts users to add your website to their devices home screen. What this does is adds an icon to their home screen to access your website like an app. When the user opens the website from the app icon it will open in fullscreen mode without the browser bar taking up precious screen real estate. Upon opening the website from the app icon, it will also display a splash screen while the website loads. View demo

Installation is a breeze!

All you have to do to install WP Webapp and give your website web app capabilities is add your app icon and splash screen images in the corresponding plugin folders and activate the plugin on your WordPress website!

Get it Now!

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